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POLYROK® is the proven, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing post-consumer soft plastic packaging.


POLYROK® is the proven, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing post-consumer soft plastic packaging.


POLYROK® is the world's leading recycled plastic aggregate, made from post-consumer soft plastic packaging. Beyond saving plastic from being wasted and damaging our environment, using POLYROK® reduces our impact of national infrastructure.

What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

The use of POLYROK® makes projects more profitable, allows durable and lasting finished applications, ensures easier work and promotes innovation within the circular economy – unlocking ESG targets, research grants and access to new markets. POLYROK® also helps to generate conversations that inspire people with hope for a sustainable, healthy and exciting future, for generations to come.

Proven Applications for POLYROK ®

Foundations, slabs and driveways

“Not only is POLYROK® fantastic in reducing plastic pollution, we are also happy to know it’s reducing our need to use traditional mineral aggregate.”

Chantal Kelly, Residential Customer, Frankston

Footpaths, curb and channel

“As one of Australia’s largest food retailers, we know how important it is to support initiatives that help to close the loop with soft plastics.”

Fiona Lloyd, State Construction Manager, Coles

Freeway noise barriers

“I think it’s really important that Australians actually see the results of their recycling efforts and I think that POLYROK® is such an amazing example of this.”

Elizabeth Kasell, Director, RED Group

Precast concrete products

“The 1st of July [2020] saw the ban of plastics leaving this country and we’ve got to take responsibility for that now.“

Sally Williams, Environmental Advocate, Sustainable Sally

Benefits of The POLYROK ® Model

Perfect For Construction Materials

"Plastics are strong, durable, waterproof, lightweight, easy to mold and recyclable, which makes them perfect for construction materials."

Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO

Sustainable & Innovative Technology

“Our proprietary technology transforms plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our environment into a beneficial resource that adds value to businesses and the world.”

Steve Rawson, Founder

Beginning Of Its Full Potential

"We're thrilled to see POLYROK® being implemented beyond our labs with strong support from customers and regulators. This milestone is just the beginning of its full potential."

Andre Gobett, General Manager, Recycling

Help To Close The Loop With Soft Plastics

"As one of Australia's largest food retailers, we know how important it is to support initiatives that help to close the loop with soft plastics."

Fiona Lloyd, State Construction Manager

Material Benefits of POLYROK ®


POLYROK® has a lower thermal mass that reduces the heat island effect and offers insulation properties.


POLYROK® retains the mechanical strength of concrete, reducing cracks.


POLYROK® is 70% lighter than mineral aggregate.


POLYROK® can be extracted from waste concrete and mixed with new batches, creating a truly circular project.

The Opportunity

Let's Build a Future, Together

POLYROK® is playing a vital role in shaping a sustainable, healthy and exciting future for us all, where valuable resources are saved from being wasted and further damaging our environment. Collaboration and strong partnerships between people and organisations are integral to this vision.

The ugly reality

Various packages to suit the high-scale demand of the building industry

Creating opportunity

We provide consulting services on how to set up your corporate environment in a way that improves and encourages recycling efforts at work.

Polyrok is part of the circular economy

Various packages to suit the high-scale demand of the building industry

Frequently Asked Questions

When post-consumer sourced plastic materials from the polyolefin family (LDPE, HDPE, PP and others) are delivered to one of our quarries, we turn them are turned into a valuable commodity called POLYROK®. This is achieved by using a highly efficient and turn-key recycling system that can be licensed globally.

POLYROK® uses a mechanical process for recycling mixed post-consumer soft plastic packaging. This process is proven, efficient, cost-effective and rapidly scalable. We don’t burn, bury or use any harmful chemicals as part of this process.

We distribute POLYROK® to one of our approved partners, where it is used in infrastructure, construction, building and manufacturing projects. Common and proven applications for the product include:

■ Recycled plastic products
■ Concrete for structural and non-structural elements
■ Permeable concrete and curbing
■ Asphalt
■ Precast applications
■ Acoustic panels and noise walls
■ Sustainable building blocks and pavers
■ Cladding, alternative form ply and insulation
■ In situ structural elements for infrastructure, and more…

We don’t use POLYROK® as crushed rock or aggregate replacement outside of asphalt and concrete, as it’s best to keep the plastic embodied (within a case) where it’s removed from the elements.

POLYROK® has been tested and proven in Australia, a market with some of the strictest standards on earth. POLYROK® is currently the only recycled plastic aggregate that meets the Australian Standard for concrete structures and has approval for use in VicRoads projects.

No, unless ENVRA® approval pending elemental integrity review.

No. The plastic remains below 100decC throughout the process, and no chemicals are added.

Yes, has up to 50% better thermal performance due to the reduction in water as POLYROK® is non permeable.

No, POLYROK is best used in applications where it is fully embodied.


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